Water supplies

Drinking water is essential for human life. Consequently, the requirements placed on measurement technology technicians and their measuring equipment are often especially high. Every fault in the pipework develops slowly. Early detection means that water losses and consequential damage can be prevented.

As a service company,WAGAMET AG is the experienced and capable partner for all locating work in the water supply industry. Water leaks are located precisely and reported. The use of the Ortomat® leak monitoring system makes reliable checks possible.

Overview of services:

  • Locating water leaks
    By means of correlation
    - By means of ground microphone
    - Gas input

  • Water-loss analysis
    By means of sound detection processes
    - By means of ORTOMAT® measurement
    - By means of feed processes

  • Locating water mains

  • Locating valves

  • Pressure measurement

  • Ultrasonic flow rate measurement

  • Hydrant discharge measurement

  • GIS

  • Equipment training