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Water is money, flowing through pipes

Even the smallest underground leak in a water main means the loss of a surprisingly large amount of “liquid” funds. That is why it is worth monitoring every mains network on a permanent basis.Wagamet can offer you the most uncomplicated, most modern and most efficient leak detection and early warning system. It is tried and tested and totally reliable: ORTOMAT®.

An ORTOMAT® is an investment designed to save in more than just one way:

Identify leaks to cut repair costs

Early detection and speedy location can prevent water damage which, in a worst-case scenario, can cost as much to repair as an entire ORTOMAT® system.

Identify leaks and save water

Small, hidden leaks result in astonishingly large water losses: at a water pressure of 45 bars, a leak 8 mm in diameter will cause an annual loss of 24,870 m3 and, at a pressure of 10 bars, the loss is as high as 52,580 m3. Permanent leak monitoring with an ORTOMAT® is always worthwhile.We will be pleased to let you have a cost-benefit analysis.


Fit and forget

As soon as the positions of the ORTOMAT® units have been determined, each single one is programmed by you via a PC with the required settings (measuring times, transmission times and operating mode).There is no need for any special calibration to the relevant measuring points.

When the ORTOMAT® is at its measuring point, it analyses the sound structures of the time of least consumption in the main between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.  Irregular sounds are eliminated and the lowest sound level is defined as the basis.

Automatic monitoring now begins and the unit makes continuous decisions on the leak status of the main. Measurements and status are saved in the ORTOMAT® and can be retrieved with an ORTOMAT® Controller, a mobile hand unit, via radio transmission from a passing car – simple and convenient!

The ORTOMAT® Controller immediately provides the user with information about the status of the main:“Leak” or “No leak”!



ORTOMAT® software is Windows-compatible and very user-friendly. Four clearly arranged panes make light work of programming, monitoring and analysing the entire system.

All ORTOMAT® units are listed in the ORTOMAT® window showing their location, their serial number, the date on which they were last read and the current leak status. The window displays the measurements of the previous 40 days for every ORTOMAT®. Each single measuring point can be defined in line with the controller display and general functions and specific parameters for the ORTOMAT® units are defined and processed in the processing window and in the logger window.

ORTOMAT® with GSM-Alarm / Communication

Ortomat®-GSM is the extension of  Ortomat®-early warning leak detection system. Ortomat®-GSM sends, in case of exceeding from the leak level, a SMS by the GSM net on a freely programmable goal number. Beside the SMS data transmission, Ortomat®-GSM can also be read by the proven Controller and the data be passed into the Ortomat® - Software to analysis.