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universal 3-channel datalogger






Technical information:

measuring channels:
3 channels / independent settings for each channel possible

connectable sensors:
pressure, temperature, pulse, voltage ( general 0.0 2.5Vdc)

memory size:
30'000 measuring points

alarm function:
one alarm for each channel possible / no ext. output

power supply:
internal 3.6 Lithium battery / optional : ext. 12VDC connection

operating time:
min. 6 months (in permanent measuring mode)

environmental protection:
IP 68

case size:
100mm x 100mm x 60 mm / 700g

data evaluation:
by means of the LOG3K-PC-software (MS WINDOWS compatible)

possible / in combination with LOG3K-PC-software

by means of the LOG3K-PC-software / over serial port RS232