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Leak detection for water and gas pipes with centimetre accuracy

The age of large, bulky correlators is now athing of the past. Our newly developed LOG3000 is a compact and elegant high-performance correlator which ist being very well received.


Today's technology allows us to read in the receiver signals directly via the sound card. A state-of-the-art analogue-digital converter installed in the notebook is a major benefit. The leak sounds can be reproduced through the notebook's own internal loudspeakers independent of the receiver setting.


The LOG3000 - software designed for use with Win 95 - XP operating systems is highly innovative. Great care was taken to ensure that it is easy to use even without any knowledge of information technology. A brief intoduction at our training facility is sufficient.

Intelligent software cuts errors

The generous data on leak frequencies and input signal voltages show the properties of the leak thereby preventing any incorrect handling of the unit. A red bar is displayed on screen if a transmitter is not switched on. The stength of the signal received is also indicated by the hight of the red and blue hatched end bar.



The signals received are checked with the "On/Blue/Red" switch. The "Volume" potentiometer is used to set the acousic reproduction of the loudspeaker. The leak sounds are transmitted in analoque form to the notebook's sound card.


Simple operation is a major plus with this high-tech instrument. The Transmitters are only fitted with one switch. The operator need only distinguish between metal and plastic pipes. Transmission power is automatically adjusted to the optimum setting. Three LEDs provide information on battery status. For acoustic control purposes, the transmitters have a connecting socket for headphones.



Using advanced piezo technology, we have manufactured a vibration pick-up which can differentiate between leaks in metal and plastic on the basis of frequency range. Physically robust yet designd to pick up the smallest vibrations, the sensor ist suited to daily use in the field. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the microphone can be sited in almost all conceivable situations.