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Leak PEN


The Smallest, Full-Function Water Leak Tester

  • Fits in a technician's jacket pocket for on-the-spot checks
  • Unique mini water leak tester with display and integrated radio transponder for wireless noise transmission to head- phones (headphones are an optional extra)
  • LED display in 10 steps of 0 to 100 dB
  • Leaks displayed immediately
  • Leak noise clearly audible with radio headphones up to 1200 feet away 

Leak PEN tests water and heating pipes, slide valves, water meters, hydrants, fittings, etc.


It's so simple to use:

  1. Place the Leak PEN sensor on the object under test.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Read the deflection on the LED display. If there is no reading (with interruption), there is no leak (leak or conti-nuous water take-off)
  4. Switch on radio head-phones.
  5. Adjust to medium setting.
  6. Set signal adjuster to best transmit tone.
Then change the measuring point positions to localize the leak points.
Technology honed to perfection:
The Leak PEN system offers you total freedom of movement. All thanks to Wagamet Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

The integrated radio trans-ponder transmits the audio frequency signal to the wireless headphones.

The transmission range varies with the type of application. If you are using the Leak PEN to test fittings which have cast iron jackets, the radio hop shortens to six and a half feet. Outdoors, it has a transmission range of about 65 feet.

The automatic level con-trol prevents transponder overload over a wide input signal range.

Leak status: LED display
Resolution: 0 to 10 noise levels
Battery: commercially avai-lable 1.5 V alkaline batteries
Radio transmission: up to 50 feet

114 x 35.7 x 25 mm (l x w x d)

Optional extras:
Radio headphones with volume control and fine adjustment for radio link.
Leak PEN is also available as a complete pack in a practical carrying case.

- Leak PEN with FM trans-ponder (864 MHz)
- Radio headphones with FM receiver
- 2 batteries, 1.5 V LR03 for Leak PEN
- 2 batteries, 1.5 V LR03 for headphones
- 1 Leak PEN carrying pouch
- 1 set of operating instructions