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Gasena 5 ATEX

Wherever gases are used - in public, at home, in trade and industry, etc. – safety has priority. A Gasena 5 is the ideal unit for personal and property protection with a sensational price/performance ratio. Thanks to its compact design, its low weight and ease of operation, a Gasena 5 is particularly well suited for mobile use and daily inspections.

A Gasena 5 will detect the smallest gas concentrations in a minimum space of time in shafts and enclosed spaces. It will also localise leaks in  underground gas mains, in installation lines, gas supply systems, etc.

Gasena 5, the ultra-sensitive gas detector for maximum safety in everyday use!



A Gasena 5 does not require a heavy, complex manual. A brief set of operating instructions are all that is required.The functions are predetermined with only 4 push buttons and six menus.

  1.  ESC key to reset the programme
  2. Programme sequence “up”
  3. Programme sequence “down”
  4. Programming acknowledgement
  5. Sensor connection
  6. Air release duct
  7. PC connection
  8. Charging cable connection

Gasena 5 – with even more useful features:

  • Adjustable alarm (ppm or lower explosion limit)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Splashproof housing IP 65
  • Self-test on start
  • Error messages with explanations
  • Menu-driven functions
  • Large backlit display
  • Display with bar chart and measurement
  • Single-handed operation
  • Automatic battery monitoring
  • Light in weight (1.13 kg)
  • NiMH rechargeable battery 
  • Running time longer than an 8-hour working day
  • Compact explosion-proof casing 160x75x75 mm
  • Automatic measurement range switching
  • Acoustic and visual alarm (red LED)
  • Alarm and warning threshold freely adjustable
  • Integral gas pump 1.8 l/min


  • Carrying strap
  • Case
  • Fast battery charger


  • Data transmission to a data logger via PC/RS232 or infrared 
  • Data logger function – 64 KB data memory 
  • Graphic measurement display, e.g. methane in ppm over time (with data logger option)