Gas supplies

Where gas distribution systems are concerned, safety is of paramount importance. Therefore, optimal protection is absolutely vital.WAGAMET AG supplies hightech measuring equipment for this purpose, making it possible to check gas distribution networks reliably. Our gas detectors (Gasena5 ATEX) record the smallest traces of gas and locate leaks accurately.

When work is being carried out in the immediate vicinity of gas distribution networks, nobody should take any risks. Therefore, our personnel protection devices (GasenaMINI+) enable optimal, constant monitoring of the working environment.

Overview of services:

  • Locating gas leaks
    By means of boring holes for sensors
    - By means of correlation

  • Gas loss analyses
    By means of gas detection vehicle
    - By means of carpet sensor

  • Locating gas mains

  • Locating valves

  • Pressure measurement

  • GIS

  • Equipment training