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Pressure, pressure impact and flow rate measuring instrument


FLOWMAT is a self-contained mobile instrument that measures pressure, pressure impact and flow rate. The fluidic and electronic parts are packaged inside the case system. The fluidic part contains a flow rate meter with a range of 0 to 60 m3/hour. With an output signal of 2-litre impulses, even small flow rates are easy to measure. The pressure sensor fitted to the same measuring circuit covers a range of 0 to 25 bars and also allows pressure impact to be registered thanks to permanent measurement!

The electronic part is a data logger that processes and saves the output signals of the measuring units (flow rate/pressure) for further digital processing through a PC interface.

When taking measurements in the field, all the data can be displayed on-line via a connecting cable and a PC. The complete power supply is located inside the data logger in the shape of a special lithium cell with a correspondingly long life (approximately 6 months operating time).

A FLOWMAT pressure and flow rate measuring instrument can record pressure impact, long-term pressure measurements, flow rate measurements and can determine Q max, e.g. for hydrants or general flow rate measurements when locating leaks.

The system is compact, light and designed for heavy-duty use in the field.


Technical specifications:


Flow rate measurement


Impulse rating


2 l/min

Power supply


3.6V lithium cell

Flow rate volume, max.


2400 l/min

Operating time


6 months minimum

Flow rate display 1


PC evaluation

Case dimensions


355 x 300 x 235 mm

Flow rate display 2



Case type 


Solid / aluminium

Hose connections


75 Storz

Total weight


12 kg approx.


Pressure measurement

Measuring precision, pressure 


+/- 1 %

Measuring range


 0 25 bar

Pressure reading


PC evaluation