Technology Transfer for Economizing Water Resources

We have embarked on a mission to serve the society by saving every drop of water

About Wagatech Pvt Ltd

Wagatech offers creative solutions for Water and Gas industry. With its innovative leakage detection systems it facilitates conservation of vital resources like Water and Gas. Wagatech with its strategic partnership with vonRoll hydro, Switzerland shall bring in its global expertise and rich experience of managing most diverse utility networks on the planet to Indian subcontinent.

Wagatech focuses on assisting municipal bodies, utility service providers as well as Water & Gas distributing companies to plan, design and implement modern technologies and infrastructure, reduce transit losses in their distribution infrastructure and avoid possible damage to the public and private property due to leakages.

Water Supplies

•  Locating Water Leakage
•  Water Loss Analysis
•  Locating water mains
•  Locating valves
•  Pressure Measurement
•  Ultrasonic Flow rate measurement
•  Hydrant discharge measurement
•  GIS
•  Equipment training
•  Infrastructure services

Gas Supplies

•  Locating Gas leakage
•  Gas Loss Analysis
•  Locating Gas mains
•  Locating Valves
•  Pressure measurements
•  GIS
•  Equipment training
•  Infrastructure services